Thinking differently

Tends to begin by overcoming fears and abandoning what you know. Sounds frightening, doesn't it? Stepping outside of our comfort zone and challenging the traditional means.

But what sounds more frightening to us is the idea of people not reaching their creative potential, or worse yet, not acknowledging their creativity at all because they grew up in a system where it wasn't embraced.

The fear wrapped around potentially choosing the 'wrong' path in what we do as a career, and failing at it, would be enough for us to not take a leap at all. To stick with what we know - with what's comfortable.

The consequence of this is huge... people feeling unfulfilled in their jobs and talents being left untapped. And so the real question lies in, how can we begin to make decisions that are driven by passion and intention, instead of fear when it comes to our careers? It takes courage but it's possible.

It's not necessarily about navigating and finding your purpose, it's about becoming your purpose. Begin by stripping everything back and letting go of what you know. With an open mind, you're more receptive to opportunities and new ideas... I encourage you to embrace your fears, accept them and do it anyway. I promise you'll be happier for it.

Robyn Dooley