If I Had Known

It's that time of year again where our playground comes to life and we get the opportunity to work with phenomenal talent who are travelling into the city to join us for our ten-day creative and digital experience programme, Catalyst.

Over the ten days, we'll be collaborating with leading businesses from across the industry to deliver content that challenges and provokes, providing our students with the tools and insight they need to pursue a career they love. 

The programme is packed with interactive workshops that help to equip our students with the skills of tomorrow, along with talks and panel discussions that have been designed to help start a conversation around topics and areas of the industry which we very rarely get the opportunity to talk about.

An example of that being; we’ve introduced three new panels this year which help our students to map their career path within; design, technical and marketing. The aim? Demystify job titles and help our students to understand the different roles in industry and the role that each of them plays in a team.

Another would be the Know Your Bias workshop, delivered by the wonderful team at The Other Box. The aim? To help our students to understand and question their own unconscious biases (which we all have). 

Finally, we'll be delivering a panel on If I Had Known which has a strong focus on communication. It's only a few years into our careers, with a couple of mistakes made, when we find out what great and not-so-great communication looks like, whether that's with a future employer, a team member, or a client. The aim? To help our students find their preferred way of communicating that will effectively convey the message they're trying to make, with calm and clarity.

There are always moments we look back on and wish somebody had spoken to us about prior to making a big decision or having a conversation... The more awareness we have, the more we're able to empathise, lead effectively and make well-informed choices based on what we know about ourselves and others. We're incredibly grateful for the businesses we'll be working with this year to help bring this to life - thank you to everybody who is involved.

Robyn Dooley