We're In Safe Hands

There's an organisation based here in Liverpool with a vision to produce 'food for the future, for everyone'. 

Farm Urban connect leading scientific research with local food production, by taking science fresh from the lab and implementing it in the farms which are at the heart of urban communities. They're an organisation that's creating change in such a way that they're not only changing how we science and farm our food, but, they're also inspiring local communities in moving away from what we know of food and how we buy it by engaging and inspiring them in sustainable food produce, health and nutrition. 


They do all of this through aquaponics which provide 'a focal point around which communities can come together' and work alongside schools, allotment owners, residents’ associations, hospitals and universities to develop programs and education around sustainable urban living.

In which I had the privilege of being a part of last week when I was invited to be a part of their Dragons Den panel for the final day of their 12-week Future Food Challenge programme. We spent the afternoon judging six teams from six different schools who were all tasked to create an aquaponics business which needed to be supported by a business model, market research, and presentation that represented the brand and idea.

IMG_6239 (1).jpg

Surely enough, I had to pinch myself a number of times as a reminder that these students were only in Year 9 and there they were, standing in front of a crowd, beaming with confidence presenting viable businesses that they've worked collectively on as teams. 

What Farm Urban have created and have done for these students is incredible. By creating a programme based on creating sustainable food produce, they've educated students in such a way that practical, hands-on and fundamentally, inspiring for them to be so proud that they're able to stand up and pitch their concepts.


It's hard not to walk away from these events without feeling incredibly grateful for organisations such as Farm Urban, but I also found myself walking away with a great deal of reassurance... knowing that these guys will soon be our industry leaders and will be pioneering the sustainability of our futures is more than exciting. 

Robyn Dooley