I've been procrastinating  on writing this because once publishing, I don't want to feel like an arse (again) in the same way I did in 2016 when I made a commitment to myself to start writing. Properly. The introduction post was one out of about five, over nearly three years. 

Commitment fail. 

My intentions with the promise to myself were for good reason, though. I do want to learn how to write and I would like to capture more of what's happening, maybe not day-to-day, but week-to-week. On top of that,  I come across a load of interesting stuff online, like we all do, and it's stuff I want to share with other people. Not sure with who yet, but I would hope there will be someone out there on the www that will take an interest in something I post.

I sound so self-deprecating, don't I... Here's another reason for me to write, preferably in the way that I'm doing now where my fingers are typing my thoughts as they come and go. Writing/journaling helps me to put down my thoughts, which I might find more difficult to say out loud, and then gives me the luxury of reading it back and thinking, 'bloody hell cheer up will you'. Reflective.

It's a habit that does you the world of good. When it's done honestly and truthfully, it helps you to understand what's going on under the bonnet. Increases self-awareness and unlocks curiosity... I like to think so, anyway. 

But enough of this.

What's the point of this blog/site? 

Well, the generosity in sharing knowledge, wisdom, world-views, experiences and stories with others is something I've admired in people for a long time. Tina Ruth Eisenberg, Maria Popova, and Debbie Millman (all are who I have listed in my Findings) being wonderful examples. It's generous because it gives people an insight into who they are, what takes their interest and what matters to them. It gives people an insight into a different world view outside of their own and helps them to learn to be comfortable with the discomfort of disagreeing with them in some areas. I'm all for people sharing everything they know - the ol' saying sharing is caring seems quite fitting here.

If I admire this in others, should I not being doing something similar myself, or at least give it more of a go than I once did? 

So, forget the commitment fail, it happens to the best of us...

Here's to me having another go and here are some of the things I'll be sharing with you:

  • The things I enjoy and the work that fills every waking bone in my body with absolute joy when I do it
  • The things I find and am obsessed with including podcasts, books, resources
  • Experiences and conversations I have
  • Thoughts and wafflings 

Granted more will be added along the way, but that's it for now. I'm excited. Finally a place to brain dump and share a few things with you.

Robyn Dooley