Robyn Dooley
Robyn Dooley
Creating meaningful experiences and empowering others.


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Alternative Education

Founded in 2015, OH is an alternative education company with a mission to bridge the gap between education and industry. After collaborating with over 50 creative and digital businesses and educational institutions, we have established programs and initiatives that are in support of what the industry needs to today and what it will need tomorrow.

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Service Design

Too often things are created on the belief that build it and they will come… But, we've seen services removed and buildings shut down where this hasn't been the case. I have been working with local authorises and organisations for over 5 years to help them find new, innovative approaches to engaging with young people and gather feedback and generational insights to help improve their products and services. 

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Learning Design

I take the experiential learning approach and design meaningful learning experiences that take into account group dynamics and psychology. Each programme is designed differently but captures the essence of deep learning which includes; reflection, group discussion, learning by doing and feedback. 

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I coach teams and individuals who are looking to develop their self awareness and recognise the magic that they can bring to the team and company that they’re a part of. What I enjoy most in this role is seeing individuals and teams flourish and produce work that they’re proud of. By focusing on collaboration, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving, I support teams to grow stronger, take ownership on the projects they’re working on, and adapt to change more at ease.

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